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Colors: Xorel Colors

Xorel is strongly associated with its color palettes and possibilities. As a solution dyed product, color is embedded in the fiber during its actual manufacture. This technology not only assures its remarkable light fastness, but a saturation level that assures a richness not often found in interior textiles. With its lustrous ambiance, the Xorel palettes are derived from a core yarn inventory of more than 150 standard colorways. Through weaving ,these colors create more than 500 standard woven colorways with the possibility to create thousands more for custom projects. Xorel colors range from sophisticated neutrals to subtle mid tones, shining metallics to radiant brights. Each design offers a palette to express its own individuality, from the natural ambiance of Flux and Quarry to the lustrous metallics of Strie to the saturated brights of Meteor.