Innovative by Design

Creativity is at the heart of our company, and innovation is the adrenaline that gets our pulses racing. Be it in our processes, products or business, we pursue a holistic philosophy that guides us toward innovation.

Carnegie Creative

We Are Creatives, Just Like You

Innovators at heart, we nurture creativity every step of the way, from material development to final product. Our obsession to continuously explore new techniques and technologies allows us to discover and create breakthrough solutions for our clients. Solutions that result in your success.

Material Specialists

A material curiosity powers us to push the possibilities of manufacturing and create materials that are stronger, more flexible and enduring. Beyond design fascination, our thinking is oriented around solution development. This motivates our material research to create new opportunities and deliver exciting results.

Innovators, Creators, Collaborators

Creative Collaborators

We’re a Creative Studio like no other. Textile designers, weavers, artists and painters all work in rhythm, collaborating to spark creativity. Working together in partnership with our clients, our radically transparent and collaborative approach has driven 70 years of innovations.

Product Innovators

Creative problem-solvers, we continually experiment, placing us at the forefront of new product technologies. Solving for industry gaps produces exciting product innovations. By identifying client needs and collaborating with manufacturing partners, we draw on production capabilities to achieve an aesthetic end.

We Look at Space Differently

Form and function. As design innovators, we know how important it is to have both. Beyond developing innovative materials that are beautiful, we think ahead through every potential obstacle to offer highly-functional finished product solutions and systems that are easy to specify, order and install.

Inspired Fabrications

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