Products with Purpose

We design solutions by providing materials that are not only aesthetically elevated, but are also capable of high performance and endurance.

Our Vision

Our Pledge to You

Delivering beautifully designed products is core to our mission. But, we don’t stop there. For your vision to endure, our products need to stand the test of time. With our rigorous testing and product warranty program, you can be confident our products will meet your design and performance challenges. That is our pledge to you.

Unparalleled Performance

A powerful combination of beauty, sustainability and performance, Xorel has withstood in the most demanding environments for four decades. It’s why designers and architects everywhere ask for it by name. Xorel's versatility supports end uses from education and offices, to hospitality and healthcare. Safe in manufacture, use and disposal, Xorel is high on performance, yet low impact on the planet.

Products that Perform

High Performance Wallcoverings

Redefine and adapt space with Carnegie’s high-performance, PVC-free wall solutions that don’t sacrifice beauty for affordability. With superior performance and cleanability, our wallcoverings provide value and longevity for a complete commercial design solution. We offer three distinct high-performance materials—Durable Woven, TPO, and Xorel—that meet the most stringent criteria.

Superior Upholstery Solutions

We are always innovating to create superior upholstery solutions. From bleach cleanable and finish-free textiles to coated fabrics, our products are developed to meet the most arduous demands. Dedicated to the research and development of cutting edge technologies, we deliver high-performance upholstery fabrics that promote healthy and productive environments.

Creating Quiet Spaces

From hotels, restaurants and healthcare to open office spaces, a common challenge is poor acoustics. Window fabric can be a solution. Carnegie’s Acoustical Windows use innovative yarn and weaving technology to achieve transparency, with NRC ratings between 0.4-0.7 help reduce noise and manage sound. From open weave to opaque fabrics, our Acoustical Windows can create a more comfortable space.

Beautiful, Functional, Sustainable

Xorel has been meeting the challenge of the world’s most demanding environments for four decades. Its combination of beauty, function and sustainability has earned the praise and confidence of architects, designers and building owners around the globe. A high-performing alternative to vinyl, Xorel delivers remarkable durability and ease of maintenance without any added coating or finishes.

A Sound Decision

Xorel Artform is a versatile, acoustical panel system that combines the beauty, performance, and sustainability of Xorel textiles with proven, sound-absorbing capabilities. With fast delivery and simple installation, bleach cleanable and tackable Xorel Artform makes a high impact design statement that transforms interior wall and ceiling spaces in form and function without disruption.

Finished Product Solutions

Beautifully designed and easy to specify, order and install, our Carnegie Space products create clear pathways to innovative project solutions. From hardware to ancillary furniture and acoustical solutions, developed with critical eye on material selection, craftsmanship and quality, we design and deliver problem solving products that ensure successful project outcomes.

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