Acoustic Sheers Collection

Carnegie’s acoustically absorbent sheers provide design solutions using a breakthrough yarn and weaving technology that significantly contribute to sound reduction in a space, all while preserving transparency and elegance. These unique window textiles are woven with specially engineered Trevira CS polyester, available in more than 60 Creation Baumann options, and they all boast a soft hand and beautiful drape. Fully vetted through third party certifiers, these sheers achieved approximately 40% sound reduction when hung flat and 50-65% sound reduction when draped: that’s over 10 times a regular sheer!

The subtle ribbed texture of Alpacoustic offers an understated architectural look with an eye-catching juxtaposition between dry and shiny yarns.
Betacoustic sheers offer dimension with a dry hand and a structured aesthetic.
Gammacoustic Transparent foil yarns create a look reminiscent of glass.

With a soft and fresh soft-hued color palette, Deltacustic window solution has a tighter weave and a cotton-like aesthetic.
Offered in 10 mineral-like multi colorways, Zetacoustic is a dimensional textile with natural striation and a bulkier textured weave. Search Acoustical Drapery