New Shapes, New 3D Panels

Xorel Artform Acoustical Panels allow designers to easily create and curate unique customized compositions. Playing with a mix of surface textiles, textures, patterns, shapes, and now volume & dimension with the introduction of 3D elements, designers can create their own language, their own aesthetic, and come up with something different every time! A simple, beautiful solution that is open to interpretation & diverse countless ideas, create with newly introduced 3 Dimensional elements to advance & enhance the structures of your imagination.

Diamond & Diamond 3D

Prompting pure minimalist designs to complex architectural layouts, Diamond and Diamond 3D can enhance any style or mood of a room.




Plank can either be used organically or in a geometric fashion. Create an overall layering and textural impression.

Square & Square 3D

A fun perspective on the classic panel. Square and Square 3D are simple, pure forms with a plethora of possibilities to design with.

Hex 3D

Pair Hex with Hex 3D to add a layer of geometric structure.

Waveline 3D

This dimensional version of a classic shape elevates its form to a higher dimension.