Carnegie’s Xorel Artform line of acoustic panels deliver sound absorption and echo reduction while granting fully customized and artful designs. Now available in two new shapes – Flip and Ripple – as well as ceiling Baffles, the design opportunities are limited only by the imagination.

Flip + Ripple

As a baffles, Ripple’s undulating shape works well individually or combined in a series for more dramatic effect. It also works beautifully in a wall panel application, delivering seamless design impact from wall to ceiling. Flip baffles allow for a different color to be specifed on each side to create contrast and visual interest.

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The newest addition to the Xorel Artform family, baffles are high-performance, acoustic panels that enable distinctive design statements to be made from above. Instead of being limited to a monolithic material or simply a graphic color story, Xorel Artform two-sided upholstered baffles can deliver texture, bold patterns and hundreds of color options offering design versatility for your every project.

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Carnegie Textiles for panels on Xorel Artform

In addition to high-performance Xorel textiles, Artform acoustical and tackable panels now also can be specifed in 7 Carnegie fabric lines that range in sheen, texture and vibrancy to create even more design opportunities. From soft felts to plush velvets, from warm neutrals to bright, saturated hues, a playful or luxe look can easily be achieved with this expanded textile offering.

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