"...the fabric itself; its weave, texture and degree of opacity helps me to determine the most creative outcome"
- Erik Bruce
Carnegie collaborates with Erik Bruce to inspire and intrigue with 4 artisanal fabrication techniques for windows and beyond, available through Erik Bruce Fabrik

4 artistic techniques


By partially deconstructing the weave of the fabric, a delicate line of weft thread is exposed. The technique's name is borrowed from modern architecture referring to the gap created between materials.
Fabric shown, Sherzo


This technique cuts the edge of the fabric while rolling it inside a tight purl stitch. A contrasting color thread accentuates the crisp clean line.
Fabric shown, Ponte


A modern technique adds a playful flourish to your window design. The zipper is a stylish solution that allows you to mask or reveal architectural elements in the space.
Fabric shown, Aves 41, Aves 45


Rebelliously fashion forward, the Fringe technique whiskers the edge of the fabric like a grazed hem. By not folding and stitching the fabric, it is allowed to hang naturally with elegance.
Fabric shown, Prima

Erik Bruce Fabrik

Erik Bruce Fabrik is a New York based studio which brings modern architecture to life through creative textile fabrication. Carnegie is collaborating with Erik Bruce to highlight the wide variety of stunning outcomes that can be achieved when beautiful textiles and artistic techniques are combined.
T: 844-628-1091