Beyond Wellness Collection

Beyond Wellness features 5 new privacy fabrics that deliver hospitality sophistication for healthcare environments. The collection includes a series of understated stripes in 3 scales and graphics which deliver a calming energy, all while meeting the demanding criteria of healthy spaces.






Mingle’s subtle and timeless design gives this highly-durable fabric versatility across end-uses.


Effervescence is created with the highest quality spun Trevira CS. It is incredibly soft to the touch, an advancement that provides tactile solutions while passing the most stringent fire codes worldwide. Playful bubbles amble across the fabric in complex yet serene layers while striking colors create shimmering stripes that add to the dynamic effect.






Inspired by the gently curved shapes we see in a night sky, Starburst is a whimsical geometric design infused with a sense of movement. Playful shapes meander in circular patterns in subtle and complex color stories. Search Starburst






A unique double cloth construction gives Ombre the touch and feel of high-quality Egyptian cotton while simultaneously surpassing rigorous healthcare codes. This process also allows for the crisp white color to naturally reflect light, yet be opaque enough for maximum privacy.


River ebbs and flows between shades of a singular hue to create a soothing pattern while offering privacy.