Biobased Xorel

Delivering innovation for 40 years, Xorel is not a “look." It is a commitment to design, performance, and sustainability that speaks to the nature of our company. Only from Carnegie.

The World's First and Only Biobased High Performance Textile

In 2013, Carnegie introduced Biobased Xorel, a plant-based product with a significantly reduced carbon footprint; offering the exact same beauty and high performance the renowed Xorel brand has delivered for over 40 years.

Sourced from rapidly renewable sugarcane plants, instead of fossil fuels High level biobased content of 60-85% (US Government requires only 25% for biobased labeling) 2.5 tons of carbon capture for every 1 ton of raw material produced
Same great performance as original Xorel – durable, cleanable, colorfast Achieve points in multiple LEED categories – Rapidly Renewable, Indoor Air Quality, Material Transparency and Material Optimization No added finishes
  Responsible Return Program  
Every 200 yards of Biobased Xorel used offsets the same amount of carbon dioxide as an acre of trees Every 100 yards of Biobased Xorel saves the emissions equivalent of driving a car 580 miles

Completely Vetted through Third Party Certifications

 Living Product Challenge Certification

Cradle to Cradle

SCS Indoor Advantage

Declare Certified

Vincotte Certified

FACTS Certified

USDA Certified

Material Health Declaration


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