High Performance Bleach Cleanable Solutions

From walls to windows and everything in between, Carnegie provides the perfect solution when high performance and superior cleanability is a must. Our textiles are developed to withstand the most arduous demands and are always PVC-free. No matter the need, we've got you covered. 

Xorel Wallcovering

600+ Xorel Wallcoverings

Wall surfaces in commercial projects endure a lot of traffic; even abuse. Our wipeable, bleach cleanable, and always PVC-free Xorel Wallcovering is not only sensible for the environment but also a strong visual appeal to transform any interior space. Antimicrobial, antibacterial, sustainable and durable, Xorel exceeds in aspects of performance.

Featured Xorel Wallcoverings

TPO Wallcovering

100+ TPO Wallcoverings

Make a bold interior statement without sacrificing superior performance or cleanability with our TPO Wallcoverings. Always PVC-free, our sustainable wallcoverings provide value and longevity for a complete commercial design solution.

Featured TPO Wallcoverings


1000+ Upholstery Options

From bleach cleanable, finish free luxury textiles to high performing, coated fabrics, we are always innovating to create superior upholstery solutions.

Featured Bleach Cleanable Upholstery

Looking for Wallcovering and No Time to Search?

We put time on your side. Working as your studio extension, we connect designer to designer, curating solutions that fit your criteria. With Design Ally® Creative Resource services, you get same-day solutions and overnight samples, matched to your needs.