Introducing Boost – the first furniture piece launched under Carnegie’s new Space division. Carnegie Space is committed to designing and launching problem solving products that are beautifully designed and easy to install. Designed in collaboration with Rainlight Studio, we took up the challenge of creating a unique seating form based on Carnegie’s new Xorel Knit. The result is Boost Ottoman, a playful and colorful multilayered form with innumerable design options.

Form Follows Fabric

Besides its unique shape, what sets Boost apart is the textile it was designed around – Xorel Knit. Its high-performance character makes Boost perfect for high use areas where the wear and tear of the workplace, health place or hotel space can take its toll. Xorel Knit covers Boost with the ability to resist abrasion, punctures and stains.

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Performs in Demanding Spaces

All commercial interiors are demanding on furniture. Boost was created to be durable and stylish in any space where people gather, create, and collaborate. The Boost Ottoman is built tough and doesn’t mind being pushed around... quite literally.

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Exciting Design Options

Perfect for any space that needs flexible seating options, Boost Ottoman is suitable for use in a variety of environments. It comes standard in five different pattern-ways, but with customizability of Xorel Knit application, we have the flexibility to design pieces that are truly unique.

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Why Xorel Knit

Xorel Knit is a breakthrough material that leverages the exceptional performance and beauty of Xorel with the application versatility of a knitted textile. Specifically engineered to upholster, it as the flexibility to hug the dramatic shapes of modern furniture. The remarkable combination of functionality and sustainability makes Xorel Knit a textile like no other.

To create Xorel Knit , the Carnegie Creative team became completely immersed in building a one-of-a-kind knitting machine that would produce a textile unlike any other in the brand’s 38-year history. This textile is designed first and foremost for upholstery use: with the ability to wrap and hug extremely complex curves.

Xorel Knit exceeds 250,000 double-rubs in abrasion. Xorel is solution dyed, bleach cleanable without any added coatings or finishes, and is even puncture resistant when upholstered. It is Cradle to Cradle certified at the Silver level.

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