The Magic of Carnegie Creative Studio

Creativity is at the heart of the company, simply look to the Carnegie Creative Studio to see exactly what we mean. Radically transparent, open and collaborative, our studio is your partner in design - a creative wonderland that you can think of as an extension to your own studio.

Based in New York City, the Carnegie Creative Studio is dedicated to exploration, research, and material innovation. With a talented and diverse team that includes textile designers, graphic designers, weavers, artists and brand communicators all working harmoniously to create bespoke materials for our clients - an ability unsurpassed in the industry.

We are Innovative by Design

There’s a reason that we are able to continually develop the most innovative and groundbreaking solutions on the market. We believe in the power of collaboration and work in tandem - product design, marketing and sales. Our radically different approach allows us to tap into creativity from product inception to installation. And we don’t just collaborate internally. We are actively engaged with our clients and industry trends, allowing us to identify needs in the market to develop impactful and beautiful, interior solutions.

We Speak Your Language

Armed with a broad range of expertise, we actively engage with our clients. Knowing what you think, what compels you, what you crave and want to accomplish - is what we love tackling. As design-innovators, bringing distinct visions to life is our business. It’s what we love doing every day.

Our Expertise Doesn't Stop at Design

Our mission is never to simply provide a product. When you share your challenges and your vision, what excites us is the opportunity to surprise and inspire you with possible solutions. We’re ignited by interaction that sparks new ideas, and opens the door to the creative mind.

We're a Creative Studio Like No Other

Our studio’s unique and personalized approach helps bring your ideas to life, most often in unexpected ways. Whether you come to visit or give us a call, when you engage with Carnegie we want you to feel transported because we know this is where you will find inspiration and new ideas.

Designer to Designer Saves You Time

We put time on your side. Working as your studio extension, we connect designer to designer, curating solutions that fit your criteria. With Design Ally® Creative Resource services, you get same-day solutions and overnight samples, matched to your needs.