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We speak your language. We don’t only provide products, we provide solutions. Delivering creative, technical and application guidance to make you successful. Our personalized approach brings your ideas to life unexpectedly. Share your challenges and let us surprise you with inspired solutions.

Same Day Solutions, Overnight Samples

Real designers, not an algorithm, we work designer to designer. Think of us as your creative librarian.  Send us your thoughts, inspiration and what you desire, along with your project criteria (color, pattern, function, price) and studio designers will curate a virtual solution palette emailed the same day, with samples shipped overnight. Working designer to designer, it’s inspiration made easy.

It’s as Easy as 1, 2, 3

Provide Your Vision

Complete our 5-minute form with your thoughts, inspiration and challenges, along with your project criteria (color, pattern, function, price).

Same Day Solutions

Design Ally designers hand-curate solution palettes to fit all your criteria needs. A virtual palette is sent via email the very same day.

You’re Ready to Go

Next day samples are delivered to your desk to get you on your way.

Connect & Collaborate

Designer to Designer

Expertise in Textiles, Fine Arts, Product and Interior Design means we’re smart on industry standards, performance requirements and application complexities. Providing design and material resourcing support, we personally curate each solution. Same day solutions, overnight samples; complete a Design Ally form* and let’s get started!

No Time to Search?

We put time on your side. Working as your studio extension, we connect designer to designer, curating solutions that fit your criteria. With Design Ally® Creative Resource services, you get same-day solutions and overnight samples, matched to your needs.

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How are the panels sold?

Xorel Artform is sold in box sets.

Box sets include panels that are the same shape, size, substrate fabric and color. Installation materials and printed installation guides are also included. For more information view our Pricing page.

What are the panel thicknesses?

Quiet-Core™ is available in 1” thickness and Quiet-Core Plus™ is available in 1 1/8” thickness. Mi-Core™ is available in 1/2” and 3/4” thickness. Artform 3D panels are 1 7/8” thick.

Can custom shapes be created?

A custom shape concept can be submitted for review. Product engineers review the concept for proper tiling functions and if the custom shape can be upholstered properly quotes can be generated. Minimums and design/mock up fee will apply and vary based on request.

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