Design Ally: Creative Resourcing

Design Ally, Creative Resourcing FAQs

Your questions, answered! Below we address some of our most frequently asked questions.

What is the deadline to submit a project for overnight delivery?

For overnight delivery, the deadline for submitting a project is 3 pm EST.

How will I know my project has been received?

When a project has been successfully received, a screen will pop up with a project summary, and a confirmation email is immediately sent to the email address on the form.

How can I connect with a designer prior to my project form if I have a technical design application and/or performance question?

On the project form there is a “call” option where a Design Ally designer will call you to discuss the project over the phone, or you can email a Design Ally designer directly at

How will I know my sample package has shipped?

The night before your package is due to arrive, you will receive an email from a Design Ally designer with your Carnegie rep cc’d confirming the shipment and arrival date. The email will include a sample mood board image showing the solutions in your package, as well as any supporting technical information.

If I do not need all of the samples can I return them?

Yes! In your project email, there will be a link to download a pre-paid return shipping label to use on the reusable Carnegie packaging, or you can click here to download a pre-paid label.

Can I request sample solutions for multiple end-uses?

Yes - On the project form you can select as many applications as needed and our Design Ally designer will send a cohesive selection.

Can I review options virtually prior to receiving a physical package?

Yes! To review options virtually, or if you are challenged with sample storage space, please select the option “Virtual Package” on the project form. A Design Ally designer will give a personal project consultation and provide a creative and virtual solution based on your criteria. There are also two other options: “Send me a curated amount” of samples or “Please send me more than less” so you can specify the number of samples you’d like to review.

Can I provide a project mood board and/or reference images?

Yes! On the form there is a space to upload images and to provide reference link(s).

I need a solution with a specific yardage availability and lead time. How can I communicate that to the designer?

There is a check box on the product form where you can note how many yards you need and the date you would need the material.

Is it possible to receive solutions that are graded-in/approved for a furniture manufacturer?

Yes – A Design Ally designer will vet potential solutions with the furniture manufacture and will either send you what is approved or coordinate testing on your behalf.

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