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Xorel Artform

We speak your language. We don’t only provide products, we provide solutions. Delivering creative, technical and application guidance to make you successful. Our personalized approach brings your ideas to life unexpectedly. Share your challenges and let us surprise you with inspired solutions.

Xorel Artform Design Services

When time is of the essence and creativity can’t be compromised, lean on us. Xorel Artform’s versatility stimulates your ideas and our Design Ally team can make it a reality. Experts in Xorel materials, functionality and sustainability, we are partners in the process from start to finish. Complimentary layouts, renderings and budget projections save you time to get you started.

Features & Benefits

We Put Time on Your Side

As your studio extension, we connect designer to designer to curate solutions that fit your criteria. No matter the environment—from hospitality to healthcare, from offices to educational spaces and beyond—Design Ally delivers complimentary layouts, renderings and budget projections inspired by your design vision.

Solutions for Every Space

Small space? High Ceiling? Short wall? No matter the space, we’ve got a solution. Xorel Artform was created with versatility in mind. Available in various colors, patterns, textures, shapes and substrates, across multiple sizes and dimensions, Xorel Artform encourages endless possibilities, from floor to ceiling.

Your Vision Fast

Your Part: Provide Your Vision

• Share your inspiration, elevation, and color palette narrative

• Give us your dimensions and define your budget parameters

• Select your preferred Shape/Size/Substrate

Our Part: Quick Solutions

• We create layout possibilities in an array of Xorel fabric and color solutions based on your project needs

• We’ll provide a budget projections, optimizing box sets and panel counts

• Need to adjust some colors? Want changes to the layout? Our Xorel Artform team partners with you until your vision is realized

Together: We’re Ready to Go

• Layouts delivered virtually and sample selections delivered to your desk get you on your way

• Detailed product order specifications are provided for easy ordering

• We provide easy installation instructions and can connect you to our Preferred Installer Network

Connect & Collaborate

Xorel Artform Designers

Masters of building creative compositions, Xorel Artform designers are skilled in mixed media product design, visual communications and interior design. Regardless of the challenge, our specialists generate unique design layouts, elevations and narratives, including textile color selections, renderings and budget projections.

Acoustic Solutions, Endless Possibilities

Our Design Ally® Xorel Artform team helps generate unique design layouts, elevations, including textile color selections, renderings and budget projections based on your vision.