Details Collection

Details is a visually rich, high performance Xorel™ textile collection that expresses an abundance of surface textures. Truly beautifully designed spaces are the result of the designer’s mastery of the details, and this collection pays homage to that passion using the versatile Biobased Xorel™ material. With 6 styles and 49 color options, these patterns are inviting to touch, structurally strong, layered and will bring life to any vertical surface. The color palette and ultimate look of Details is inspired by metals with their remarkable sheen and dimension; combined with surface texture this collection gives vertical spaces increased impact. Steel, bronze, copper and silver; laser cutting, sheet metals, gold plating all helped inspire this new direction in Xorel™.


Braid beautifully twists yarns, interlacing in a rope-like structure.


Inspired by metal structures like coils and springs, Coil displays bulky yarns sprung over vertical rows.


Xorel™ Pipeline twists and turns on the surface like a wave rolling across the ocean.


The Tangle yarn style mingles and tangles to create an intricate complicated surface.


Twine is an elegant high tech version of woven jute.


Xorel™ Zipper pattern is an exciting creations of rows of yarn woven to produce a pattern of interlocking teeth.