Final Touch Collection

The Carnegie Xorel™ Final Touch collection blends fashion and functionality opening a world of design possibilities for interiors. These visually intriguing patterns are high performance, high fashion textiles that explore the possibilities of surface dimensionality through embroidery, quilting, textural reliefs and jacquards.







Cirque Couture

High fashion and high dimension, Cirque Couture explores a tactile interplay between the soft and sculptural surface of the textile never before seen in Xorel™. The innovative embroidery technique adds structural height to the textile, elevating its form from flat to dimensional. Cirque is a fantasy material for fashion forward headboard, upholstered panels and seating applications.

Monocle Embroider

Monocle Embroider, a three-dimensional woven surface, is at once timeless, modern and whimsical. Inspired by a desire to offer designers greater creative variety with Xorel™ for decorative headboards and banquette applications, the unique embroidery technique and layer of foam create Monocle’s quilted effect.





Spyro Embroider

Textile art flavored with references of modern lace, geometric web structures, or string art, Spyro Embroider is another exciting transformation of the Biobased Xorel™ material. This pattern offers a single row of webbed embroidery offset with a dramatic swath of negative space making a dramatic statement in any interior.


The jacquard woven Cycle creates an optical illusion with natural elements weaving their way up the textile. At a distance the stylized natural elements morph into a circular motif creating a trompe l’oeil effect with three-dimensional textural relief.






Updated colors of classic textures round out the Xorel™ collection.


Updated colors of classic textures round out the Xorel™ collection.