Xorel Gilded Couture Collection

High design and high performance. Through innovative developments in processing using heat and pressure we have created a high-performance textile with the look of being “gilded” or adorned with thin layers of gold, silver, copper and stunning rose gold …instant glam! Inspired by haute couture, these metallic touches add warmth and sheen, and can bring a richness and light, or a stroke of dramatic flair into the interior palette.


Antoinette Couture and Brigitte Couture

Embossed foil in sophisticated colorways bring metallic glamour.

Colette Couture

Taking an old technique originally used for delicate fabrics, and seeing what the results are on a sleek technical durable fabric, the result, Colette Couture, is a polished, crisp and lustrous pleat. Search Colette Couture

Coco Couture and Moire Stripe Couture

For Coco and Moire Stripe Couture, up-close the color combinations are quite simple, but when you step back and look at the patterns as a whole, the foil color mixed with the base fabric creates complex shimmering patterns.

Now Available on Xorel Artform

Antoinette, Brigitte and Coco Couture can now be applied to Xorel Artform panels.