High Performance Wallcovering

High Performance Wallcovering

Wallcovering Solutions that Deliver

Capable of withstanding the toughest of standards, Carnegie’s high-performance wallcoverings are PVC-free solutions that are just as eco-friendly as they are durable.

Materials that Perform

Carnegie has been the leading innovator in high-performance, environmental wallcoverings since 1970 in markets as diverse as office, hospitality, healthcare, education, and multi-family. These solutions have enabled designers, architects, and end-users to move beyond paint and vinyl wallcovering while raising the bar in beauty, performance, and environmental stewardship.
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What to Consider When Specifying High Performance Wallcovering:


From wovens to non-woven, solid textures to large-scale patterns, wallcovering can add subtle sophistication or a bold statement.


Must pass ASTM E84 Class A / Class 1 for flame resistance. Consider durability and cleanability needs, as well as ease-of-maintenance.

Health & Sustainability

Materials should be free of PVC and other harmful substances. Seek third-party certifications.


Available in a range of price points. Also consider long-term costs compared to paint which will require frequent maintenance.

High Performance Wallcovering Solutions

See which wallcovering is the right solution for your project.

Xorel ®

Vinyl Alternative

Durable Wovens

Xorel ®

A Carnegie original. The most durable, easily cleanable, sustainable textile ever woven

Vinyl Alternative

Like vinyl, but better

Durable Wovens

A natural look with high performance durability



Lustrous woven quality that can brighten a space. Matte options available.

Printed non-woven in range of looks. Textures to bold, colorful patterns.

Natural, woven textile look. Low lustre.


100% Xorel (plant-based option available).

Clean Olefin technology.

Solution dyed recycled polyester, polypropelyene.


Meets or exceeds Type II criteria under CCC-W-408D

ASTM E84 Class A / Class 1


Tear resistance


Bleach cleanable

Up to 40% bleach solution

Up to 20% bleach solution

Up to 10% bleach solution

Hospital-grade disinfectants

Inherently stain resistant

Inherently antimicrobial + antibacterial


Cleanable, but not scrubbable


X-Protect Wall™. Proprietary backing technology prevents stains and moisture from passing through textile to wall, even when cleaned aggressively.

Non-woven. Do not saturate with moisture.





Finish-free options

SCS indoor air gold certified

Health Product Declaration

Safely disposable

No chlorine, formaldehyde, heavy metals, ozone depleting chemicals, plasticizers

Biobased (plant based) content

Cradle to Cradle Gold certified

Living Product Challenge certified

Declare Label


10 year warranty

Myth Busters: Wallcovering is Too Expensive

False! Paint seems like a cost-effective solution at first. In the mid-to long-term however, it requires frequent labor investment and tenant inconveniences.

Typical Carnegie high-performance wallcovering installations last 15 years or more and are much easier to maintain during their lifespan.

*assuming repainting is required every 3 years

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Why We Are Forever PVC Free

PVC (vinyl) wallcoverings are derived from chlorine chemistry; at best an environmentally controversial material in its manufacture, use and disposal. Many leading architects, consumer companies and healthcare organizations no longer work with PVC. Carnegie is the only committed PVC free wallcovering company in our industry.

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All of our wallcoverings come with a 10 year warranty.

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Mock It Up!

To help demonstrate the aesthetic impact and maintenance superiority of our high performance wallcoverings, we offer 12 yards free for any project/client that wishes to install a mock up. We are sure that once a client/maintenance team sees a mock up they will be convinced.
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