Hyper Sonic

Acoustic Performance Meets Iconic Design

Break the sound barrier between acoustic performance and iconic design with the new Hyper Sonic collection from Carnegie Acoustic Solutions.

The Hyper Sonic Collection

With 5 new Kirei recycled PET products and 4 new Xorel Artform products, you can take the design of any space to a higher elevation while delivering exceptional sound.

Hyper Rhythm

Effortlessly fuse form and function with the Kirei Hyper Rhythm collection, five exciting new products to redefine acoustic design. Fully-customizable and developed with sustainability in mind, the Hyper Rhythm collection delivers remarkable style so you can lead clients to extraordinary sound.

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Hyper Stretch

Reach beyond the status quo to acoustic elegance with the Xorel Artform Hyper Stretch collection, four striking new products to lavish walls in superior sound design. Featuring modern curves and the sensational sustainability of Xorel, the patent pending Hyper Stretch collection offers unparalleled style and powerful performance to impress your clients.

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Hyper Sustainability

From biobased textiles made from sugarcane to PET products made with post consumer recycled plastics, Carnegie Acoustic Solutions delivers beautiful and innovative acoustic solutions with sustainability at its core.

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Installation You Can Trust

Always designed with the installer in mind, all of the Hyper Sonic products were developed with easy installation, ensuring your unique vision will become a show-stopping reality.

Acoustics Your Way

Deliver your clients sustainable acoustic solutions tailored to their unique needs. From shape and size to color and pattern, the Hyper Sonic collection can be customized to individual spaces, quieting unwanted noise and delighting clients.

Hyperspeed to Hyper Spec

Create acoustically healthy spaces your clients will love with the Hyper Sonic collection and Carnegie Design Services. From samples to spec, we'll save you billable hours through acoustic product curation and the delivery of professionally executed design layouts and renderings to help wow your clients. Our cost-free service will even provide you with budget projections and design optimization to help you bring your vision to reality

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