On Thursday August 17th 2015 Carnegie’s creative studio dug in and got dirty volunteering on Governors Island planting trees and tending to the Victory Garden at the historically preserved Admiral house.

The mission of the Governors Island Alliance is to celebrate the island’s rich history, create memorable parks and public spaces as well as ensure the appropriate reuse of the island and its historical structures. Carnegie is proud to have helped preserve the rich architectural and horticultural design of the Admiral's House, a piece of history that dates back to 1843. Aside from planting new trees that resembled the original landscape design of the house, Carnegie’s creative team members were also able to help trim, harvest, and seed-save in the home’s Victory Garden.

Also called war gardens or food gardens, Victory Gardens were vegetable, fruit, and herb gardens planted at private residences and public parks during times of war to reduce pressure on the public food supply. These Victory Gardens and the Governors Island Teaching Gardens are two great ways the alliance is helping expose students to a diverse array of nutritious and flavorful foods and encourage them to make healthy choices for their bodies and for their communities.

Thanks to the combined efforts of GrowNYC and the Trust for Governors Island, some of the gardens features over 20 vegetable beds made from recycled plastic lumber, an outdoor kitchen, a gourd tunnel, fruit trees, a bean teepee, and so much more!

Since 1995, the Alliance has worked collaboratively to return the Island to the people of New York. To learn more about Governors Island and group volunteering opportunities with your company, school, internship program, or community group, please visit governorsislandalliance.org