Weaving is a 1000 year old business… It played a major role in the origins of the industrial age. Some techniques haven't changed since the 1850's, but the equipment is 21st century. Take a 2 hour guided tour of an active weaving mill to see how the fabric is actually made: from spinning to dying, from dobby to jacquard, from concept to color. Go behind the scenes to learn from the people who are actually making your fabrics.

This course is site specific and may require travel. Your Carnegie rep can discuss the options available near you.

2 credits
IDCEC code: CEU-102902
IDCEC Designation: General
IDCEC Learning Level: Basic
IDCEC Subject Code: 5. Technical Knowledge / 16. Textiles

2 Learning Units (LU)
AIA code: 7.1
AIA Course Directory: Materials & Methods
AIA Topic: Tours

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