Office Insight features Carnegie and Erik Bruce's collaboration on the Artful Windows collection.

The Artful Windows collection is the result of Carnegie's collaboration with window coverings stylist and designer Erik Bruce. The bespoke techniques Bruce applied to Carnegie's window fabrics are typically used in high-end specialty spaces.

“We believe window fabric can be treated as a major architectural element in any designed space,” said Mary Holt, Executive VP of Creative at Carnegie.

Bruce uses four artisanal techniques, all produced by hand, to decorate Carnegie's drapery fabrics. He utilizes color, texture, and structure of a textile, as well as the negative space and light coming through the fabric, as part of his designs for the window.

“I am most inspired by materials and the play of light created by both the exterior natural light and interior artificial light,” Bruce noted.

The Reveal detail is inspired by modern architecture and achieved by hand-pulling yarns out of the fabric in small sections. Doing so creates a gap in the weave.

The Fringe technique whiskers the edge of a window fabric. The hem is not folded or stitched, so the fabric hangs naturally with elegance.

The Zipper adds a playful flourish to drapery and allows designers to mask or reveal architectural elements in a space. Use of the Zipper can lead to fun options with two colors or a super clean look with one color.

The Purl detail is created by cutting the edge of a fabric while rolling it inside a tight purl stitch. Using a contrasting color accentuates the crisp, clean finished edge.

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