Location: New York, NY
Product: Aves

Designer Pamela Durante chose Aves drapery for her showroom at the W Residency Hotel. “I selected the gray Aves to cover two continuous walls of windows. The drapery panels were installed on a cable system that when closed allows you to be completely enveloped in the fabric. It is very dramatic."

“Not only are your fabrics beautiful and innovative, but they are intelligent.”-Pamela Durante, Designer

Aves, woven by Creation Baumann of Switzerland, is a creative technical fabric with a unique combination of metal and Trevira CS. The high metal content allows the fabric to be molded creating a sculptural effect at the window. “I loved the fact that there is wire in the contents of Aves. It shimmers when light hits it,” says Durante. “The view from the room was phenomenal and it needed to be framed by something that would not compete, but add to the magnificence. Aves did just that.”


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