Location: Baxalta, Bonnockburn, IL
Product & End Use: Betacoustic

One of the most common design challenges that stems from the open-plan concept is acoustics. Drapery is a common solution when it comes to improving the acoustics in a space, however opaque styles with a high NRC do not offer light transmission or transparency and typical sheers are not effective at absorbing sound.

Carnegie's innovative acoustic sheers however, allow designers to achieve both the transparency of a typical sheer with significant NRC ratings between (0.4-0.7) when draped.

Karina Kowalska from Partners By Design, Inc. used Betacoustic to "maintain the open area design of this cafeteria and lounge space, but still absorb acoustics when within the semi-enclosed area. The sheers lend to a lighter feel and combined with the metal curtain provide an edgier look than standard sheer curtains."

Karina also noted that the fluid aesthetic of a drapery sheer helped her "break up the visual of a large open space but in a softer manner than a typical drywall partition."

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