Not all coated upholsteries are made the same. Vinyl, polyurethane, and silicone may look the same, but dig under the surface aesthetics to find out how they differ in performance and sustainability. Learn how they are made and how to care for them so that they’ll look great and perform their best. Discover the strengths and weakness of each content, how to choose the best quality, and tips for optimal application. Assess and compare vinyl, polyurethane & silicone on the environmental impact of their chemistry, additives, & manufacturing. Lastly, take a peek into what’s on the horizon – new materials and new resources that will impact the market in the next 10 years.

1 credit (HSW)
IDCEC code: CEU-106990
IDCEC Designation: Health, Safety, Welfare
IDCEC Learning Level: Basic
IDCEC Subject Code: 5. Technical Knowledge / 20. Sustainable and/or Environmental Design

1 Learning Unit (LU/HSW)
AIA code: 8.1
AIA Course Directory: Materials & Methods
AIA Topic: Environmental Quality: Human Health, Comfort, & Indoor Environmental Quality

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