MMQB January 30, 2017 Edition – The Monday Morning Quarterback writes about Carnegie's new collection of panel textiles, Uncommon Threads.

Carnegie introduces the Uncommon Threads Collection, breathing fresh air into the panel fabric arena. This group was built from a foundation of creative yarn development to help realize textiles that deliver a sense of depth, motion and structure.

Created by the Carnegie Creative Studio, this collection highlights the unique talents of a diverse group of weavers, artists and interior designers. Focusing on their passion for hand weaving, the studio used their knowledge of intricate weave structures to produce seven high-performance textiles with a distinctly hand woven aesthetic.

Under the direction of Creative Executive VP Mary Holt, these textiles were created after months of technical yarn development and loom experimentation. Each of the seven textiles are suitable for a wide variety of vertical applications including panels, upholstered walls, moveable doors and furniture panel systems. All are third-party tested for Class A / Class 1 rating under ASTM E84 and NRC for acoustical transparency under ASTM C 423.

Seven patterns construct the collection including Draft, Code, Glaze, Stitch, Carve, Ravel and Float.

Draft and Code: Draft is inspired by actual weave drafts composed of black and white squares sketched onto graph paper. Code mimics raised braille messages while subtle shimmer of the reflective tape yarn brings the pattern to life. Inspired by braille and dot matrix, Code's pattern was made possible by weaving shifting lines across the textile surface. There is also a hint of reflective tape yarn intertwined on the fabric to create more dynamic and dimensions.

Glaze and Stitch: subtle rhythms and twists dance across the surface of Glaze, which shifts and illuminates with light. In Stitch, fine lines dash across the surface, mixing colors at every yarns chance meeting.

Carve: deep crevices undulate across the surface of Carve to create the look of a natural fiber hand woven fabric. Carve spontaneously elevate the texture and volume in a space even with a neutral color like beige. It is extremely suitable for contract settings to show just enough character of a space while avoiding being flashy and over the top. The raw fiber-looking pattern perfectly undulates on upholstered walls as though they are endless ripples and crevices.

Ravel: using a high-performance synthetic yarn which beautifully mimics a natural raffia yarn, Ravel creates a layered surface with a lively organic texture.

Float: classic horizontal texture is created as intertwined yarns and colors shift from top to bottom of the woven textiles.

As its name implies, the Uncommon Threads collection uses unorthodox raw materials to make up a line of panel textiles that are distinctive in texture.

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Uncommon Threads

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