Healthcare Facilities Today March 21, 2017 – Healthcare Facilities Today publishes Carnegie's Executive VP Mary Holt's reflection on designing for healthcare spaces.

Healthcare facility managers typically have a limited arsenal of décor elements they can utilize. In light of this limitation, textiles and wall coverings present a unique opportunity to make an important design impact for design professionals.

“With all of the stringent guidelines in patient rooms, oftentimes the only tactile element is the privacy curtain,” said Karen Miller, Senior Interior Healthcare Designer with Ewing Cole. “Textiles that meet these guidelines, especially in a sustainable way, have the ability to bring a more tender touch to both common areas and patient rooms otherwise filled with monitors and lifesaving equipment.”

Healthcare facilities are taking much of their design cues from hospitality spaces. To achieve this ambitious combination of hospitality ambiance and stringent healthcare requirements, a blend of style and performance is in great demand. Carnegie’s Xorel, released in 1981 and later further developed to a Biobased version in 2013, is widely used in healthcare projects across the globe.

A huge challenge within healthcare facilities is the issue of noise and its affect on recovery and wellness. Noise problems in large wait and lobby areas can be addressed with Xorel Artform, a line of sustainable, acoustical panels. Another recent breakthrough has been the introduction of Acoustical Sheers. These fabrics absorb a great deal of sound in a room while still allowing light transparency; until recently an unheard of functional combination.

These types of products are crucial to contributing to an overall healthier environment in hospitals, as Miller can attest to. “Products that benefit the earth and environment directly impact and inform health and well-being now and for the future,” she said.

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