While visiting Paris this January for Maison & Objet, I noticed some very strong trends in fashion as well as in interiors. Some of the strongest trends that I noticed involved color. Every color palette you thought clashed, is now the way to pair colors! Put that teal green with the lavender and primary yellow! Tre Chic!


Walking the city and visiting concept stores like Collette and Merci there was a strong movement toward this new vision of how to pair color. Primary Reds Yellows and Blues mixed with Icy Pastels and a vast array of Neutrals with a splash of Bubblegum pink and Carolina blue were prevalent. Mixed together, in Monochromatic arrangements, or even mixed within one pattern.

One of the strangest trends seemed to be a rebellion of “ready to wear” and “ready to use items”. Getting back to the surreal vision of design. Possibly even design in its rawest form, a dream, crazy thought, or sketch brought to reality. I was seeing this in fashion first around the city and then, though subtle, it started to surface as an interiors trend. Quite a drastic change from what I have been noticing in trends the past few years, this concept only made sense to me upon reading the quote “Keep Fashion Weird” from Jeremy Scott.

Another very prominent trend around the city, particularly in Fashion were tribal patterns inspired by the American South West. Fringes, Suede and Snake skin add texture to the Navajo type patterns.

This year unlike the past was an exciting visit because the change happening was extreme and visible. I look forward to seeing how these trends become realized in Textiles and Interior Design.