Carnegie Showroom

Our showroom this year displays our innovation in contract textiles, from a new athleisure inspired collection to our signature Xorel, which celebrates an anniversary this year. Erik Bruce Fabrik partners with Carnegie again this year to add beautiful couture finishes to the showroom draperies.



Xorel - Celebrating 35 Years of Creativity

Carnegie's high performance, innovative and sustainable interior textile, Xorel, is celebrating 35 years of creativity! A combination of performance, beauty and sustainability has earned the trust and respect of architects, designers and end users across the globe since 1981. Learn more about Xorel



ID Live

Interior Design featured Xorel Artform panels to set the stage at Neocon 2017’s ID Studio. Cindy Allen, Interior Design's Editor in Chief was live-streaming discussions about the upcoming PFRM collection with Carnegie’s Mary Holt and Gensler's Lee Pasteris, and Xorel at 35 with Cliff Goldman and Heather Bush

Installed on the Merchandise Mart’s new Grand Stairs off the South Lobby, the studio was designed by Rockwell Group.

Watch Mary and Lee's video.

Watch Cliff and Heather's video.

Xorella Contest

In honor of Xorel’s 35 year anniversary, we gave away custom limited edition Xorellas. Congratulations to all!


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