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As creative thinkers and doers we encourage cross pollination to inspire each other. Collectively we engage in a process that creates products and services enabling our clients to realize their design vision. In our NeoCon showroom this year we explored the dialogue that inspires us to create innovative product solutions.

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ID Live

This year for ID Live, we designed the booth to showcase Xorel's current and future capabilities, highlighting Xorel Artform, Xorel Knit on Versteel chairs, and Xorel Artform Cascade.

On Monday, Interior Design's Editor-in-Chief, Cindy Allen, sat down with Chase Taylor and Mary Holt to discuss our new upholsteries. On Tuesday, Helene Oberman took time with Aliesha Crosby and Sara Hall to showcase Xorel Knit and Xorel Artform Cascade, both featured on the booth itself.

Installed on the Merchandise Mart’s Grand Stairs off the South Lobby, the booth was designed in-house by Carnegie designers.

Featured Products

Winner HiP Award (Workplace: Acoustical Solutions) + Product Innovations Merit Award
A versatile acoustic system, Xorel Artform Baffles combines the premier high performance textile Xorel with proven acoustical functionality.

Winner Metropolis Likes + HiP Award Honoree
Engineered to upholster and stretch, Xorel Knit is a breakthrough material that leverages the high performing characteristics of Xorel with the application versatility of a knitted textile.

Carnegie's upholstery line delivers the perfect balance of design, performance, and innovation for today's demanding interiors.

Counter-clockwise from top: Xorel Artform, Xorel Knit, Upholstery

Design Ally

Need help for an upcoming project? Our Design Ally team is here to help. We hand-curate fabric samples that help bring your vision to life and overnight ship them, saving you valuable time.

Click here to find out more about Design Ally.

Carnegie x Hightower Contest

This year we teamed up with Hightower to create Kona Poufs upholstered in exclusive, yet to be released Carnegie textiles.


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