I fell in love with spinning yarns as a Fine Arts student in college; the exhilaration of creating something from nothing was addictive. Working tiny stands of fiber together to create strong and beautiful yarns was like a metaphor of a life filled with twists & turns.



Like life, when I spun the yarns, there were endless possibilities. I could dye them, twist them, add contrasting elements to them, crimp them, felt them; I could manipulate the strands in any direction I desired and the outcome was always a wonderful surprise. I loved every thing about this laborious, complex, and compelling process and yet I knew that once the spinning was complete, the journey had just begun.


To this day yarns are one of the most inspiring components of my work. A unique yarn can take an age-old weave and transform it into some thing completely new.  Yarn & structure are what make textile design so compelling;  they allow me to morph simple structures or flat graphic designs into some thing tactile, dimensional,  and purposeful.

What’s not to love?