Line Art is a continuation of our collection of dynamic upholstery textiles that draws inspiration from the tactility and flexibility in sportswear, while celebrating the time-honored stripe.

Our four new designs, High Line, Low Line, Break Line and Fine Line, offer a contemporary grouping of dimensional, knit-influenced designs that can stand on their own or be layered together.

Fine Line

Neon stripes, of varying widths and spacing, create a high-contrast pairing with heather grey in patterns that are both unexpected and vaguely reminiscent of athletic wear.

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Low Line

This pattern forms the foundation of the collection and is inspired by the knitted sweater cuff ubiquitous in today’s sportswear. The design team reinterpreted and rescaled the elastic bands into colorful, texturized stripes that burst through the entire width of the fabric.

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High Line

A more dense version of Low Line, this pattern incorporates bulky stripes in neutral and bright colors that mimic the cables of a knitted textile.

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Break Line

A contemporary, versatile pattern featuring interrupted stripes, creating an all-over geometric pattern of dashed lines.

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