Upholsteries Inspired by Global Markets

A new collection of high-performance upholsteries inspired by the punchy, provocative colors and exotic patterns found in open-air marketplaces across the globe. Taking cues from the colors of global outdoor markets from Latin America to North Africa, the collection’s three signature patterns feature vibrant hues and traditional weaves and motifs reinterpreted with a contemporary sensibility.


Carnival is reminiscent of traditional handwoven blanket textile with a striking twist. Offered in 5 colorways, this high-performance upholstery surpasses 95,000 Double rubs Wyzenbeek and transcends time to complement any space. Search Carnival


Spice entices the senses with its lush textural surface. Offered 10 diverse colorways and passes 100,000 double rubs Wyzenbek, this go-to coordinate brings a world of color and adventure to any scheme. Search Spice


Vibe’s 9 energetic colors result in a wonderful mix of jewel tones and worldly brights complemented by earthy neutrals. Vibe is one of Carnegie’s High Performance Polyurethanes which are easily cleanable and has superior abrasion resistance. They are the highest quality polycarbonate polyurethanes utilizing a superior backing, allowing the products to retain their shape and minimize puddling. Search Vibe