Digitally Printed Windows

Interior design faces new challenges with the growing needs of social distancing. Our new offering of digitally printed drapery fabrics can be creatively installed to provide comfortable social barriers, delineate interiors, all while providing instant customization for any space. Our digitally printed designs are offered on two stocked, wide width base cloths; a dimmer and a sheer. Our dimmer base can be installed to create a completely private zone, while our sheer base proves even divided spaces can appear open and inviting. Both of these bases open up creative options for workspaces, healthcare facilities, schools and public spaces.

Vista II

Our new Vista II is a digitally printed all over texture on our dimmer base. It is available in 8 colors but can also be custom colored for a minimum of 25-yds.

View Vista II

Palette Dimmer + Palette Sheer

First introduced as a Digitally Printed TPO, our large-scale pattern Palette has been seamlessly translated to window application with our new Palette Sheer and Palette Dimmer drapery. A painterly print that explores and accentuates the nuances of assorted colors, Palette brings new meaning to the word “colorful.”

View Palette Dimmer + Palette Sheer

Signature Windows

With a 25-yd minimum, our Windows Signature Digital Gallery has an array of offerings ranging from bold graphics to classic textures which can also be custom colored. For further personalization, you can also make your own unique statement by submitting your own custom design files.

View Signature Windows

Acoustic Windows

As our virtual and physical climates collide, sound and acoustics grow in importance. Interior environments will have to consider occupancy spread and the influx of hard surface materials by incorporating versatile acoustic solutions. This can range from innovative, sound absorbing textiles to artful acoustical panels - all of which effectively combine sound insulation with beautiful aesthetics to achieve acoustic privacy and performance.

Sigmacoustic + Shiftacoustic

Sigmacoustic is our new sound-absorbing sheer with a textured weave that is reminiscent of natural fibers. Shiftacoustic was designed with a subtle plaid to bring sophistication to any space. Both are 100% Trevira CS Polyester in a 118” wide width.

View Sigmacoustic + Shiftacoustic

Muteacoustic + Ultracoustic

Ultracoustic is a simple sheer that comes in 6 elegant neutrals and colors, while Muteacoustic is a casual and relaxed sheer with a soft drape. These are both 100% Trevira CS Polyester with a wide width of 118”.

View Muteacoustic + Ultracoustic

April 2020

To our valued clients and partners:

Carnegie is open for business during the COVID-19 crisis while safeguarding the health and welfare of our workforce:

  • All sampling services remain open and active including overnight delivery
  • All our Design Ally services ( Resourcing & Artform layouts) are being performed
  • Our Creative & Service teams are working remotely but remain fully active and ready for your requests as many of you are working from home
  • All our Salespeople remain available by phone and email for questions and are providing virtual presentations of our latest products and services
  • We continue to ship orders while following the strictest protocols for safety

Contact us at [email protected] or call us at 800 727 6770. You will continue to receive the outstanding service we are known for during this difficult time.

  • Carnegie COVID-19 Update from our CEO. Learn More