Buckle and Cane are the newest additions to our offering of Xorel embroidery patterns that are designed with integral foam backing. The integral foam allows these patterns to be Xorel solutions for headboards, panels, and upholstery without the added step of adding a batting during fabrication. The integral foam also adds a 3dimensional quality to the Xorel patterns.

Buckle Embroider

A fresh take on an all over 3 dimensional graphic geometric pattern.

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Cane Embroider

Inspired by woven caned wood, cane is a modern take on a timeless technique.

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Monocle Embroider

Monocle Embroider, a three-dimensional woven surface, is at once timeless, modern and whimsical. Inspired by a desire to offer designers greater creative variety with Xorel™ for decorative headboards and banquette applications, the unique embroidery technique and layer of foam create Monocle’s quilted effect.

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