Refresh Your Palette Collection

Carnegie’s new vibrant, high-fashion textile collection was born from the brush of a painter’s palette. The four new Xorel patterns in the Refresh Your Palette collection make a vibrant statement with exotic bright accents, transparent watercolor effects and earthy soft textures.






Havana is a large scale, multi-colored, textural stripe, where the weaving technique brings to life the authentic hand crafted feeling. A harmonic balance between the classical and tropical like brush strokes on a canvas, Havana evokes inspirations of multi-cultural blends. Search Havana


Flash Back

Flash Back, Carnegie’s new Biobased Xorel textile, offers a modern and dynamic solid fabric with a transparently airy yet complex aesthetic. With endless creative possibilities for panels, upholstered walls, upholstery and wallcoverings this pattern has an easy to use color palette while displaying a sleek high-tech finish. Search Flash Back

Fizzle Graphic

Fizzle Graphic is a Biobased Xorel wallcovering solution that delivers its surprising color energy through intricate transparency and modern gradient watercolor effects. This pattern was born from the brush of a painter’s palette and utilizes digital printing technology in four vibrant colorways. Search Fizzle Graphic



Circuit is a classic textile, a simple yet complex woven that can morph to its surroundings. The linen-like "dry" look can invoke a casual handmade feeling while also keeping to a tailored and refined aesthetic. Circuit’s crafted and hand-woven character speaks a quiet elegance that radiates any space. Search Circuit