Sample Return & Responsible Return Program

Keep sample libraries and offices tidy!

Our Sample Return Program

We believe reusing sample memos reduces waste and helps keep sample libraries and office areas tidy. This is why every Carnegie sample shipment comes with reusable packaging. Just pack up the Carnegie memos you don't need, reseal the package and attach a return label.

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Our Responsible Return Program

When a Xorel installation is taken down after years of service, Carnegie will accept the return of the material for reuse or energy generation. This program insures that Carnegie takes full responsibility for not only the manufacture of the Xorel product but all disposal.
Backed Xorel will be delivered to an OSHA Star rated Waste to Energy facility located just minutes from our headquarters. In addition, we provide information on local WTE facilities around the country. Unbacked Xorel will be safely re-processed for use in secondary consumer items such as grocery bags, and containers for beverages, cosmetics, shampoos and detergents.

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