Hyper Sonic: The Latest Innovations in Sustainable Acoustics

Hyper Sonic: The Latest Innovations in Sustainable Acoustics

By Anne Kulinski

Break the sound barrier between acoustic performance and iconic design with the new Hyper Sonic collection, the first launch from Carnegie Acoustic Solutions. With 5 new Kirei recycled PET products and 4 new Xorel Artform products, this collection aims to inspire you to take any space to a higher elevation while delivering exceptional sound.

A First in Acoustics

The Hyper Sonic collection invites designers to think differently about acoustic design. Featuring Kirei’s Hyper Rhythm collection and Xorel Artform’s Hyper Stretch collection, our goal was to develop and launch innovative, beautiful new products from Kirei and Xorel Artform at the same time, providing designers with a plethora of new acoustic solutions to bring their vision to life with the comfort of knowing they’re making sustainable, healthy choices.

Hyper Rhythm: Design to the Beat of Better Acoustics

Effortlessly fuse form and function with the Hyper Rhythm collection from Kirei, five exciting new recycled PET products to redefine acoustic design. Fully-customizable and developed with sustainability in mind, the Hyper Rhythm collection delivers remarkable style so you can lead clients to extraordinary sound.

Kirei Contour Tiles in Dusk

The new Kirei “Hyper Rhythm” products include: 

  • HyperFly Cloud: An elegant, show-stopping acoustic cloud that welcomes lighting, color pops, and print to leave an unforgettable impression from above. The cloud comes in two standard sizes. Array-NRC: 0.35-0.40.
  • HyperFly Baffle: A unique show-stopping acoustic baffle that adds visual excitement to any ceiling through texture, color, and print while working cooperatively with lighting and other essential ceiling elements. The patent pending baffle comes in three standard sizes. Array-NRC: 0.55-0.60.
  • Breeze Cloud: A playful acoustic cloud to create overhead moments of movement, texture, color, and print while playing nicely with lighting and other essential ceiling elements. The patent pending cloud comes in one standard size. Array-NRC: 0.50.
  • Cypher Panel: An eye-catching acoustic panel with a second layer of vertical PET strips to increase sound absorption while adding texture to walls and ceilings. The panel comes in one standard size (28” W x 108” H x 24mm D). NRC: 0.70.
  • Contour Tile: An organic, textural acoustic tile with stacking levels to increase surface area and create an air gap to improve acoustic performance. The patent pending tile comes in one size (11.5” W x 11.5” H x 48mm D). NRC: 0.70.

Kirei HyperFly Baffles in Vanilla with Pine Print

Kirei’s Hyper Rhythm collection is fully customizable, available in over 35 through-panel PET colors, and can also be custom-printed with Kirei Ink, an in-house printing service. Seamlessly blend the natural beauty of botanicals with subtle or striking stonework from more than 50 prints across Kirei Ink’s four collections, or print any custom color, pattern, graphic, or material onto the products.

Kirei Cypher Panels in Cream with Pine Print

Made from Recycled Plastic Bottles

Kirei products are all made from 60% recycled post-consumer plastics so you can be sure that every product they specify diverts plastic bottles from the waste stream. All of the products meet or exceed CDPH standards for VOCs and are Red List Free and Declare Label qualified/certified. They are inherently Class A fire-rated, carry an HPD and EPD, and qualify for LEED and WELL building credits.

Xorel Artform Slope 3D, Range 3D, and Rise 3D Tiles

Hyper Stretch: Lean in to Dynamic Design and Superb Sound

Reach beyond the status quo to acoustic elegance with the Hyper Stretch collection from Xorel Artform, four striking new products to lavish walls in superior sound design. Featuring modern curves and the sensational sustainability of Xorel, the patent pending Hyper Stretch collection offers unparalleled style and powerful performance to impress your clients.

Xorel Artform Rise 3D Tiles in Strie 6423 color 812, Sahara Matte 6089 color 602

The new patent pending Xorel Artform “Hyper Stretch” products include:

  • Drape 3D:  A dramatic acoustic panel with a single, swooping dimensional element to add large-scale movement to any wall. The panel comes in one standard size (30" W x 72" H) and two substrate options. NRC: 0.65 with Quiet-Core™.
  • Slope 3D: A chic acoustic tile with an offset dimensional element to add elegant texture to any wall or ceiling.  The tile comes in two standard sizes that pair nicely with existing Xorel Artform tiles and two substrate options. NRC: 0.70 with Quiet-Core™.
  • Range 3D: An inspiring acoustic tile with two offset peaked dimensional elements to create visual flow in any space.  The tile comes in two standard sizes that match existing Xorel Artform tiles and two substrate options. NRC: 0.70 with Quiet-Core™.
  • Rise 3D: A bold, geometric acoustic tile with two crossed-dimensional elements to infuse simplicity and modern asymmetry. The tile comes in one size (10” W x 20” H) that plays nicely with existing Xorel Artform Tiles and two substrate options. NRC: 0.75 with Quiet-Core™. 

Xorel Artform Slope 3D Tiles in Strie 6423 colors 820

Made with Xorel

Xorel Artform is crafted utilizing the legendary performance of Xorel textiles, the safest, most environmentally responsible textile on the market. Cradle to Cradle™ Certified, lab tested, and proven for over 35 years, Xorel has the acoustic transparency to allow sound to easily reach its high-powered acoustic substrate, delivering remarkable sound absorption with Materials that Matter™. Available in over 350 colors, patterns, and textures, Xorel Artform panels and tiles can also be customized to your exact specifications. 

Xorel Artform Rise 3D Tiles in Strie 6423 color 838

A woven polyethylene with strength at its core, Xorel achieves high durability and ease of maintenance without added coatings or finishes. 100% Xorel (85% Biobased Xorel) is made from a rapidly renewable sugarcane plant and is 100% PVC-free, finish-free, and PFAS-free.  Xorel is also inherently antimicrobial, antibacterial, bleach-cleanable, and can be cleaned with hospital-grade disinfectants. Biobased Xorel generates a significantly reduced carbon footprint over fossil-fuel-based products.


Xorel Artform Range 3D Tiles in Ion 6151 color 34, Sahara Matte 6089 colors 602 and 621

Acoustics at Your Service

Create acoustically healthy spaces your clients will love with the Hyper Sonic collection and Carnegie Acoustic Design Services, a complimentary support service with an in-house team of design professionals to help curate bespoke product selections to meet project design specifications, performance needs, and budget requirements. From samples to spec, we’ll save you billable hours through acoustic product curation and the delivery of professionally executed design layouts and renderings to help wow clients. Our cost-free service will even provide you with budget projections and design optimization to help you bring your vision to reality. There’s even an acoustic consultant available for projects with demanding acoustic performance requirements.

Kirei Breeze Clouds in Vanilla with Pine Print

Innovative Acoustics with Sublime Sustainability

Our designers deserve outstanding acoustic options that wow their clients while having the peace of mind that those products are environmentally friendly, sustainably sourced, and thoughtfully developed. For the Hyper Sonic launch, we aimed to excite designers and their clients with a new collection of radically sustainable acoustic solutions that are fully-customizable, remarkably effective, and easy to specify and install, all with the ultimate goal to create inspired, healthy spaces for everyone to live, work, and play. 


Reach out to a Carnegie rep today to get started.

Kirei HyperFly Clouds in Vanilla with Pine Print, Xorel Artform Drape 3D Panels in Strie 6423 colors 838 and 846

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