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A Myriad of Bleach Cleanable Options

Carnegie offers a wide range of bleach cleanable solutions that fit the most stringent criteria. Whether you require products suitable for outdoor use, free from added finishes, or impermeable to liquids - we have you covered.

How to Choose the Right 'Cleanable' Upholstery Fabric

What is the difference between Cleaning and Disinfecting?

Cleaning helps remove soils and stains from the surface of a fabric, requiring soap/detergent and water. Disinfecting kills any germs on the surface. It is important to clean a surface before disinfecting, as germs and other viruses can hide under other soils.

Is there a difference between Wipeable vs Cleanable?

A ‘wipeable’ fabric has an impermeable top layer that prevents liquids from getting through, all of our coated fabrics are considered wipeable.

A ‘cleanable’ fabric is one that can be cleaned with a recommended cleaning agent to help remove any stains from the fabric, but are not impermeable.

What is a 5:1 or 10:1 bleach solution?

Disinfectants, cleaners and/or bleach should always be used in the proper concentration as recommended.

We recommend a 10:1 water/bleach solution for our bleach-cleanable wovens, also known as a ‘10% dilution’. For our coated products, we recommend a 5:1 solution, known as a ‘20% dilution’.

Bleach Cleanable Upholstery Solutions

Finish-Free Bleach Cleanable Fabrics

We offer many products that are designed to be bleach cleanable without the need for an added finish. These products combine performance with a commitment to our “No finish is the best finish” philosophy.

Moisture-Barrier Bleach Cleanable Fabrics

When bleach cleanability isn’t quite enough, we offer our Supreen™ total moisture barrier solutions. Our Supreen™ products are high abrasion, resistant to oil-based stains and PFOA-Free, all while maintaining the softness of a woven fabric.

Supreen™ Moisture-Barrier Performance

Bleach Cleanable
High Abrasion
Impermeable to Liquids
PFC- and PFOA-Free Technology
Resistant to Oil-based Stains
Warranty: 5 years

Indoor/Outdoor Bleach Cleanable Solutions

When you want the assurance that your outdoor fabrics will stay as clean as your indoor fabrics, we offer many solutions to give you that peace of mind. Our indoor/outdoor upholstery fabrics are all bleach cleanable, mold and mildew resistant and made from 100% solution dyed yarns.

Indoor/Outdoor Performance

All of our Indoor/Outdoor approved fabrics are:
Bleach Cleanable
Resistant to High UV Exposure
High Abrasion
Mold & Mildew Resistant
Warranty: 5 years

PVC-Free Coated Fabric Solutions

Our PVC-Free” philosophy has prompted us to continually strive to offer the most performance driven + environmentally forward coated options available on the market. Our wide variety of coated products are all suitable for high-traffic environments that require the most rigorous durability and cleanability standards.

PVC-Free Coated Fabric Solutions

Inherently antibacterial and antimicrobial
Bleach Cleanable + Wipeable
Approved for Hospital Grade Disinfectants
Durable (Avg. 100,000 - 500,000 DR)
No added finishes
Healthier Hospital Compliant
Warranty: 5-10 Years

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