Design Solutions: PVC-Free Coated Upholstery

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Performance Driven Options

Our “PVC-Free” philosophy prompts us to continually strive to offer the most performance driven + environmentally forward coated options available. Our wide variety of coated products are suitable for high-traffic environments that require the most rigorous durability and cleanability standards.

How to Choose the Right Coated Fabric

Are all coated fabrics vinyl?

NO! It is a common misnomer that all coated fabrics are vinyl. In fact, we are dedicated to being PVC-free and are committed to finding sustainable, high-performing and eco-friendly alternatives.

Are there different kinds of Polyurethanes?

Yes - and they are not equal. All of Carnegie’s Polyurethane coated fabrics are made from the highest quality available, known as Polycarbonate Polyurethane. More durable with a higher resistance to humidity and a greater hydrolysis rating, it outperforms the other polyurethanes on the market.

Carnegie's PVC-Free Coated Collection

Designed to Perform

All of our 300+ wipeable coated fabrics are cleanable with bleach and approved hospital grade disinfectants. No added finishes. Always PVC-Free.

Inherently antibacterial and antimicrobial
Bleach Cleanable + Wipeable
Approved for Hospital Grade Disinfectants
Durable (Avg. 100,000 - 500,000 DR)
No added finishes
Healthier Hospital Compliant
Warranty: 5-10 Years

Our Coated Fabrics are Always Free of:

Bisphenol A (BPA)
Halogenated fire retardants
Heavy metals
Ozone-depleting chemicals
Stain resistant finishes

Clean Slate

Pen & Ink Resistant

Our Clean Slate fabrics go above and beyond protecting you from those troublesome pen & ink mishaps. Its ‘repel & release’ technology keeps stains on the surface, even ink from a ballpoint pen will easily wipe away with only a dry cloth.

Clean Slate Performance

Cleanable with bleach, Isopropyl Alcohol and Virex II 256
95% recovery rate prevents puddling concerns
Minimum 250K double rubs Wyzenbeek
Inherently Antibacterial + Antimicrobial
Extremely low VOCs
7 year hydrolysis
Inherently flame resistant
5-year warranty


Next Generation Silicone

Siltech fabrics are second generation silicone technology using three layers of silicone for increased strength and an improved natural hand. Siltech products deliver unmatched scratch and tear resistance along with incredible stain resistance and ease of cleaning - all with no added finishes.

Siltech Performance

Suitable for Upholstery and Panel applications
IMO Wheelmark
Double knit backing for stability + controlled stretch
Unmatched scratch + tear resistance
Approved for hospital grade cleaners
Inherently Antibacterial + Antimicrobial
Extremely low VOCs
Minimum 200k double rubs Wyzenbeek
Inherently flame resistant
10-year warranty

Silicone Hybrid

Unparalleled Printed Design

Our collection of silicone hybrid coated fabrics are designed to have an unparalleled woven look. We offer a broad range of designs that fit seamlessly into high traffic areas that require the highest performance standards.

Silicone Hybrid Performance

Approved for IMO use
Minimum 200K double rubs Wyzenbeek
Approved for hospital grade cleaners
10 week hydrolysis
Inherently Antibacterial + Antimicrobial
Extremely low VOCs
Inherently flame resistant
5-year warranty


A Woven Fabric with Coated Performance

Our Tekloom products are a result of a brand-new technology that fuses the look of a woven with the performance of a coated fabric. As part of our Clean Slate group, our Tekloom products are also both ink and stain resistant.

Tekloom Performance

Ink & Stain Resistant
1 million double rubs Wyzenbeek
Approved for IMO use
Approved for hospital grade cleaners
Inherently Antibacterial + Antimicrobial
15 week Hydrolysis
Extremely low VOCs
Inherently flame resistant
5 year warranty

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