Flexible Workspace + Acoustic Privacy

Flexible Workspace + Acoustic Privacy

“The transparent materials contribute to a pleasant brightness while providing sound absorbing acoustics.“

- Roger Aherns, Partner

Designer: Aherns & Grabenhorst
Location: Aherns & Grabenhorst Studio, Hanover, Germany
Product & End Use: Alphacoustic | Acoustic Sheers - Windows/Space Divider
Market: Workplace


Architecture firm Aherns & Grabenhorst required both sound absorbing materials and flexible private meeting space in their new studio: a converted bank in Old Hanover. Sound absorbing sheer textiles were selected to optimize the acoustics of the room, provide privacy and create spatial zoning and separation of different working areas.

The studio was created around an Atrium made of glass. “The room concept included flexible scenarios with a bright, welcoming atmosphere,” says Aherns. Alphacoustic is fixed to a sliding track which allows the architects to create a separate conference room in the middle of the studio. “The fabric provides security for undisturbed meetings,” Prof. Gesche Grabenhorst.