Form + Function

Form + Function: Visual and Acoustic Privacy

“Betacoustic has definitely created a sense of privacy and helped with dividing the open space while contributing to an overall sound dampening in the office.”

-Katherina Weisflog, Vitra

Designer: Vitra
Location: Vitra Studio, New York, NY
Product & End Use: Betacoustic | Acoustic Sheers - Windows/Space Divider
Market: Public Spaces


Vitra believes in the office as being a place for empolyees to meet for communication and information which is why they support an open layout. However, they also needed to provide visual and acoustic privacy for different aspects of empolyees daily routine in the office. It was important that any solution be flexible and have acoustic properties.

Vitra installed Betacoustic in two locations in their busy meatpacking district showroom. One surrounding a video conferencing area and the other in the customer facing ‘Chair Lab.’ By blending the sheer Betacoustic with an opaque textile Vitra created a flexible solution giving them light emission and sound absorption while maintaining visual privacy.