LEED Solutions Technical FAQ Video

How do I know what solutions are best for a LEED projects?

When working on a commercial project and pursuing LEED points, there are many ways to achieve them. First let’s talk about Healthcare Product Declarations or HPD’s for short. All of Carnegies products have LEED Compliant HPD’s, and this material transparency can contribute to potential LEED points. To download an HPD, go to the resources section on Carnegie's website product pages.

Second, our entire product line is PVC-free and Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds). Both of these can contribute to LEED indoor air quality points.

Third, selecting fabrics using recycled or biobased content increases the chance to gain LEED points. We offer recycled and post-consumer recycled polyester textiles. We also offer the only biobased, high-performance fabric with our groundbreaking Biobased Xorel. It has third-party certifications for material sourcing as it is made from rapidly renewable content. Xorel also has third-party certification for indoor air quality with SCS Indoor Advantage Gold and material optimization with Cradle to Cradle Gold.

For more information or solutions for LEED projects, contact your Carnegie sales representative or partner with a Design Ally designer who can guide you in the right direction.

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