Tangible Craftsmanship: Coterie Panels

Coterie space dividing panels explore form, texture, and pattern through deliberate openings, connections, and folds. Craftsmanship is captured in the elegance of each panel’s lines, details of the cut shapes, and patterns that bloom with dimension.

Created in collaboration with Polish felt artist Anna Spakowska, the inspiration behind our curated color palette was diverse classics—a visual feast through complexity and sophistication with nine woolen melange felt hues, four unique panel designs, and four embroidered panel accents.

Coterie is a collection of four artfully-crafted, vertical space division panels that provide visual and acoustical buffering for a variety of spaces. The collection comprises Coterie I, II, III, and III Embroider. Created in collaboration with Polish felt artist Anna Spakowska, Coterie provides a refreshed solution to shared spaces by bringing dimensionality, materiality, and simplicity all within a single product—an easy-to-install, hanging space division system.