Wall Installation for Xorel Artform Panels Technical FAQ Video

How do you install Xorel Artform panels on a wall?

Xorel Artform Panels have been known to be fast and easy to install with little disruption or major clean up. That is one reason it is a very popular solution for post-occupancy acoustical issues.

There are 4 installation options available for flush wall mounted applications:

  1. The first installation method us the Quick Grab Method which uses a VOC-compliant construction adhesive. The adhesive fits in a standard caulk gun and has a very low odor for little to no off-gassing. It’s a permanent installation method and is recommended for application on sheetrock walls that are painted or have a wallcovering.
  2. Another installation method available for application on smooth painted sheetrock walls is the Velcro Method. Our panels will be manufactured with Velcro strips adhered on the back, so all an installer would need to do is remove the liner on the Velcro strip and apply the panel to the wall. This is a great option if the end user wants the ability to move panels around after installation.
  3. Next there is the 3M Command Strip Method which enables Xorel Artform to be mounted securely and then removed with no damage to the panels or painted walls. Panels then can be boxed and transported to the next location and mounted again; even in a new configuration.
  4. The last installation method we offer for a wall mounted application is the Quick Grab Concrete Method which is recommended for application on smooth concrete or stone walls. This method also uses an adhesive that fits into a standard caulk gun and is permanent. Note, use on highly textured surfaces could potentially result in an uneven installation.

Carnegie includes installation materials for the selected method in every shipment. All an installer needs is a caulk gun, hammer and a laser/level.

Speaking of installers, you can work with a facility maintenance company or a panel, wallcovering or painting subcontractor. Explore our list of Preferred Installers well versed in the capabilities, practices and ordering of Xorel Artform. 

Another reason why Artform panels are a successful finished design solution is because Carnegie offers a complementary service where you can partner with an in-house specialist to help create a layout and rendering specific for your budget, wall size and color palette. Partnering with Carnegie Design Services can help bring your vision to life.