What to Consider when choosing Sustainable Wallcovering

  1. Select wallcoverings that meet the following codes:
    1. ASTM E84: Class A / Class 1
    2. Crocking Wet & Dry: Minimum Grade 3
    3. Lightfastness: Grade 4 at 40 hours
  2. Look for wallcoverings that meet or exceed type II cleaning & durability.
  3. If using a woven fabric, look for solution dyed or high efficiency dyed yarns. Both of these yarns are cleanable with a diluted bleach solution. If those are unavailable, then look for recycled yarns.
  4. Use GreenPeace’s Plastics Pyramid as a starting point when selecting fibers.
  5. Go for biobased plastics whenever possible.
  6. Avoid products with high VOCs, heavy metals, phthalates & solvents.
  7. Look for 3rd party certifications. Do not accept 1st party, or SELF certifications as a viable approved ”green” product.

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