Xorel Backing Options Technical FAQ Video

What are the differences between the Xorel backings? How do I choose which one to use?

We offer 4 backing options for Xorel materials.

For wallcovering and upholstery, we offer X-Protect high-performance backings that were designed to prevent stains and moisture from passing through the textile. It is 100% water repellant and bleach cleanable, can be used with hospital grade disinfectant cleaners, and prevents bacterial and fungal “strike through”.

For wallcovering, we recommend using X-Protect Wall (paperbacking). For upholstery, X-Protect Sit is applied. This backing is not only a moisture barrier backing, but it also aids in the fabrication process with seam slippage. The added support of the backing binds the yarns, which in turn strengthens any sewn seams.

If using Xorel for acoustical panels we recommend using Xorel Unbacked. For panels that require glue (such as Modernfold, NovaWall. etc.) we recommend an Acrylic Backing.

With the combination of the Xorel material and these backing options, nothing quite surpasses Xorel when it comes to cleanability and ease of maintenance.

To ensure that the correct backing is applied at the time of an order all you need to do is advise which application the material is going to be used for, and the prices for the Xorel backings are built into the listed prices online.

If you want to learn more about Xorel backings, you can visit our website at carnegiefabrics.com and click on the “Products” tab, then click “Xorel Resources”. You can also contact your Carnegie rep or partner with our Design Services to guide you in the right direction.