Xorel for Headboards

Xorel for Headboards: Q Center Conference Center

“We chose Xorel primarily because of the look of the material. It was one of the few textiles that met the criteria of durability and cleanability that was also nice looking.”

-Marcie Delarosa, Designer

Designer: Delarosa Studio 
Location: Q Center, St. Charles, IL
Product & End Use: Xorel Quarry | Upholstery (Headboards)
Market: Hospitality


Q Center is the largest conference center in the midwest with 1,042 guest rooms on 95 acres of land. The space was designed by Marcie Delarosa of Delarosa Studio out of Chicago, IL. Delarosa chose Xorel Quarry to create the tufted headboards featured in over 300 high end Executive and Suite Level rooms.

Delarosa relayed that the client is happy with the look, performance and ease of maintenance of the Xorel headboards. “More importantly,“ said Delarosa, “they have had very good guest response to them.” Q Center has earned multiple awards in recognition of its sustainability initiatives.