A New Collection of Panel Textiles

Combining a passion for hand weaving and expert knowledge of intricate weave structures, Carnegie Creative was able to push beyond traditional weaving rules, to create a collection with a hand-woven, artistic sensibility that is produced for contract settings. The inspiration for this collection began with a variety of specialty yarns, which were then woven into unique structures that highlight the talents of our diverse group of weavers, artists, and interior designers.

Using a series of unusual and technical yarns combined with off loom experimentation brought new insights to the surface of these fabrics.


Dimensional crevices undulate across the surface of Carve to deliver the look of a natural hand woven fabric.


Classic horizontal texture is created as intertwined yarns and colors shift from top to bottom of the woven textile.



Fine lines dash across this pattern’s surface mixing colors at every yarns chance meeting. Search Stitch


Subtle rhythms and twists dance across its surface, which shifts and illuminates with light.


Using a high performance synthetic yarn which beautifully mimics a natural raffia yarn, Ravel creates a layered surface with a lively organic texture.



Is inspired by actual weave drafts composed of black and white squares sketched onto graph paper.


Mimics raised Braille textures using a high sheen yarn in contrast to a matte yarn bringing the pattern to life.


Did You Know?

Carnegie offers over 500 acoustically transparent textiles, all 3rd party tested and vetted for panel application

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